A Brief Note On Skin And Skin Contact Essay

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Skin-to-Skin Contact Skin-to-skin contact, also known as STS in the medical field, is becoming a growing trend in the United States due to its many benefits between the mother and child. This practice should start immediately after the birth of the child, with the child lying naked and prone on the mother’s bare chest with a warm blanket over the child. By doing this after birth, it can help the child be less stressed since birth and the newborn environment in a hospital setting can be very stressful (Ludington, 2015). Evidence has even suggested that skin-to-skin contact between a mother a newborn child is the best way to provide comfort and changes the discomforting environment into one that is profoundly comforting (Ludington, 2015). This contact between mother and child can help in the infant’s physiologic realm, stress reduction of the infant, enhance the early maternal-infant bonding after a cesarean delivery, and improve the outcome of an opioid dependent infant. Skin-To-Skin Contact Physiologic Realm Placing an infant bare on the mother, skin-to-skin, has physiologic stabilizing effects (Ludington, 2015). A randomized controlled trial of skin-to-skin versus incubator care for the first six hours of life in low-birth weight infants found that all eighteen of the skin-to-skin subjects were stable within the sixth hour (Ludington, 2015).Whereas, only six of the thirteen incubator infants were stable (Ludington, 2015) Skin-to-skin studies after the first six hours of
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