A Brief Note On Skin Care Product Use Essay

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Skin Care Product Use It has been found that skin care product users are positively related to self and health consciousness. Consumers value their state of emotion and physical well-being. In terms of skin care products, it is one of many factors influenced to maintain one’s need for care of general appearance (Yeon and Chung, 2011). According to a pharmaceutical journal by Niha Naveed, on average women use 12 skin care products daily, and men use 6. This following literature review will attempt to support the hypotheses. Normative (social) influence is defined as “an influence to conform with the positive expectations of another” (Deutsch and Gerard, 1955). Pressure from other peers tend to lead a person to act the same way. Studies have found that pressure is related to skin care activities (Yeon and Chung, 2011). In addition, in a study by lennox and Wolfe (1984) “participants of the attention to social comparison” (ATSCI) found that a relation between social anxiety and the fear of negative evaluation (Bearden and Rose, 1990). Further, participants that score high in ATSCI are found to be more conscious about others’ reactions towards their own behavior. Within the two studies conducted in a university for the ATSCI It found that “moderate conformity effects under conditions of more direct conformity pressures” (p.468). Further, information found in public self-consciousness (PBC) show that individuals that score higher in PBC are likely to wear more makeup than
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