A Brief Note On Social And Political Action

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I. 6.04 Social and Political Action Section 6.04 best supports community practice, it is inclusive of the elements needed to become a community activist or organizer. The details of this section cover equal access to employment, resources and the expansion of opportunities for disadvantage. This section embraces the methods of a community activist or organizer, by using action words like promote and advocate. The vivid instructions are given on the responsibilities of a social worker to prevent discrimination based on age, race, national origin, ethnicity etc. The information provided is enough to come to the conclusion that this section was written for macro social workers to use as a guideline for activism. The element that relates to my field placement deals with the regard for the vulnerable and disadvantage. My field placement works with other organizations to help prevent and end homelessness in the Atlanta metro area. By forming community partnerships with other organizations, it helps expand opportunities for services that may not have been offered if the partnership did not form. An example of forming a partnership consist of drafting a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to detail the responsibilities of each organization and the services they are providing the clients. Many organizations non-profit status does not allow lobbying or being involved in any political process. That’s when the community partnership really plays an important role of being a part of a

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