A Brief Note On Social Class And Education

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Social Class and Education In OECD report, the richest 10 % of the USA earn 28% of overall income pie, and the top 10% of people own 84.5% of the country’s wealth. The bottom 50% of people own 0.8% of the country’s wealth. Therefore, new people have most of the wealth of country. Recently, even thought children born in poor family, 90% of them will earn more money than their parents. However, they can not be in top 10 % in the USA. At the same time, there are higher unemployment rate and a big gap of income. People are unlikely to achieve a better position in society and get out from the bottom. People believe education provides a strong chance to attain success and wealth in society. Earning a college degree and learning skills will have a chance to higher income and lower unemployment rate and poverty level in this society. However, higher education requires a good financial state. College cost has risen. High tuition fee gives an unequal opportunities to every student, even though the college degree give opportunities to chance overcoming poverty. children in a rich family have more chance to get high education and the education drive to success life in the society. Three-quarters of students at the top 146 U.S. universities come from the richest fourth of families in the USA. Three percent of students come from families in the bottom income, and 10% of students come from the bottom half of the income family. This information explains why students from richer families
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