A Brief Note On Social Class And Crime

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Social Class and Crime Benjamin Massarelli Navarro College Abstract The society is classified into classes depending on the economic wealth and power amongst the people. The society present different conditions to different classes that predispose some of them to crime and at the same time galvanize others against the crime they commit. Some social conditions have the ability to make some people being viewed as potential criminals and at the same make some well-established criminals look as innocent members of the society only because they belong to a different social class. There are thus conditions that will facilitate me to becoming or project me like a criminal in the society. Some of these conditions are perceptual while others are real and have made many people become criminals in the society. The lower social class is at the receiving end, and most members here can potentially become criminals. The factors within my social class that can potentially put me at a risk of becoming a criminal are addressed in details in this paper. Social Class and Crime A pervasive theme in sociology and criminology has always been that law violation is linked to the individual’s position in the social structure. (Tittle, 1983) Poverty and crime have had a long-term relationship because of the perception and stereotyping of poor people and the crime. The society is classified into three social classes; the high, the middle, and the low class. The high class is for the rich
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