A Brief Note On Social Construction Of Race Essay

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Social Construction of Race One of the social reforms that are argued to have been achieved by the contemporary society is acknowledged that all people within the society are equal irrespective of some socio-cultural differences such as race. The view that all persons are equal is ingrained in the society and supported by an array of a legal framework. One of the supporting legal frameworks is the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, which asserts that all persons must be treated with equality, disregarding other differences based on elements such as gender and color. The constitution of the United States also stipulates that every citizen should be accorded equal treatments disregarding socio-cultural elements such as gender and race. Although such constitutional affirmations paint how the society is dedicated to addressing problems various types of human discrimination, racism continues to be one of the outstanding challenges. Racial problems continue to affect the nature of relationship within the society. The cause of racism has often been associated with social construction of differences, and that addressing racism would need to begin by addressing the socially constructed differences. This paper examines the history of social construction of race. Racism is characterized by ideologies and social practices that cause or justify preferential distribution of privileges along the lines of racial or ethnical differences. Racism can assume forms of political
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