A Brief Note On Social Media And Communication

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With the ever going dependency for social media and communication devices such as that of internet and cell phones the need for integration and regulation become paramount to how society will function in the future. Durkheim referred to integration as the need for an individual to feel needed in society. What better way to feel this individual need is to have regulations that govern where a person is to fit in? With that being said does anyone really govern the communication methods we use, and will there ever be? Durkheim suggested that without integration and regulation society would find itself in a sore spot. With the limited regulations that currently exist and the dependency on the communication society may have designed and orchestrated its’ own end. “The more weakened the groups to which he belongs, the less he depends on them, the more he consequently depends on himself and recognizes no other rules of conduct than what are founded on his private interests. If we agree to call this state egoism, in which the individual ego asserts itself to excess in the face of the social ego and at its expense, we may call egoistic the special type of suicide springing from excessive individualism” (Durkheim, Social Theory, 64). Can an individual really determine if they are lonely or isolated from society? In an effort to go beyond the reading I ask both my husband and my son what they thought of electronic communication. While my husband thought the means of communication
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