A Brief Note On Social Media And Development

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Social Media and Development in Teens Chairez, Arturo Governors State University Introduction Teens in this generation have been able to communicate more with their friends and family than ever before. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and many others, allow people to stay in touch with their friends and family regardless where they are (as long as they have access to the internet). Before the late 20th century teens would communicate with one another by letters or talk with each other face to face. It may seem little odd and/or less common now days with the internet and all of the new technology, but how people talked with one another, guys talked to girls in order to have a relationship, or get a job. Modern communication is handled by technology (internet or phone). This paper examine how are teens traditional use of this technology in terms of their social life, life in general, and their face to face social interactions Boyd (2014) argues that many changes over the past generations has limited teen’s chances for socializations outside social media. Parents are scared to let teenagers freely roam and raised children’s responsibilities in school and at home. Parents have become stricter and are more demanding towards children. This shift in responsibly has teens using social media to stay connected. Many adults/parents discuss and/or talk about the many dangers that social media has teens and children as well. Lepi (2013) found that 60% of
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