A Brief Note On Social Science And Race

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Write an essay on the topic of “Social Science and Race.” What have been the major claims and controversies, and what kinds of evidence have been used to support them? What have you learned about race as a result of this undertaking? What have you learned about social science? Senada Erden 213330659 SOSC 1000 Introduction to Social Science section B Andrew Flock section 01 March 09, 2016 “The Impact of Racism on the Structural, Institutional, and Individual aspects of the Society” Nelson and Fleras defined race as the arbitrary classification of population groups into categories on the basis of perceived physical characteristics. (2005, 214). It is vital to denote that race is a social construction without a scientific basis that proves humanity is divided (Nelson, Fleras, 2005, 214). The concept of race is utilized to create a power divide between a superior race and an inferior race based on the difference in physical attributes. Race is used to exploit, use, and marginalize an “inferior” race to the benefit of the “superior” race. The social sciences are disciplines dedicated to study the implication of race among anthropology, geography, psychology, et cetera (social science, 2014). According to Nelson and Fleras, sociologists focus on the social aspects of race and how minorities are deemed as social problems and are condemned to mistreatment (2005, 212). It is believed by sociologists that Europeans were among the first to
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