A Brief Note On Solar And Alternative Energy

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Nathan Arenas Myles Denholtz Period 1 Mrs. Hampton 21 November 14 Literature Review Literature Review Introduction Switching to solar and alternative energy is a clean efficient way to save money and it could even raise the value of your home. The group is researching what converts sunlight to electricity and how it converts the radiation to flowing electricity. Selenium, a photovoltaic cell, was found to convert sunlight to electricity flowing into wires. The importance of this helpful technology, is solar energy is an alternative and will help provide electricity without harming the ecosystem and economy like paying for an electric bill would. After investing in solar panels, it would provide free electricity for years to come on your business or home. The research group’s experiment is to test if cold weather and clouds will negatively or affect the energy a solar panel would create compared to being on sunny and warm days. Since solar panels use silicon in photovoltaic cells to convert heat and light radiation to electricity, then the research groups predicts that there would be a higher voltage on warm sunny days, rather than cloudy or overcast days. The research group will measure the energy collected for three days in each type of weather for a more accurate answer and more accurate data points. Entity History of Solar Energy On 1839, Alexandre Edmond Becquerel, discovered that certain materials produced small amounts of electric current when exposed to light.
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