A Brief Note On Solar And Wind Power

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Solar and Wind Power
Nowadays, environmental and health scientists are concerned largely because of the damages caused by conventional energy. In most cases, these damages are happening because people are more likely to use fossil energy instead of renewable energy. In 1991, the worst disaster happened in the Arabian Gulf, and it was closed to my hometown. It was an oil spill into the gulf sea. It’s estimated more than 250,000 seabirds died by oil spill (Laura Moss, 2010). This happened because the war beteween some Arabic Gulf countries. As well as this, more than 85% of the consumed around the world comes from fossil fuel. Unlike renewable energy, fossil energy notably pollutes our countries. Additionally, conventional energy leads to global warming. However, solar and wind power are the best choice for many scientists to preserve the environment. In the past, renewable power had some difficulties because most of the energy has obtained from hydroelectric levees, whereas now solar and wind power can produce more than a quarter of the globe’s energy (Ball, 2012). Due to population of earth and other reasons, renewable energy has become more popular and getting attention from a lot of people (Ball, 2012).However, electric energy needs to store in a suitable ways. Nowadays, there are three famous technologies to store the energy such as pumped hydro, compressed air and advanced battery. Ultimately, there are some differences and similarities between solar and wind power in…
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