A Brief Note On Spam And Its Effects On The Internet

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Unless you are the one sending it, then you cannot find someone who doesn’t hates spam. Spam has taken over the internet totaling at almost 90% of all email and 5% of all internet traffic. You aren’t the only one who hates it, there have been laws passed, groups that try and stop it, and we just haven’t done anything right to prevent spam as it proves to be arduous; this problem is a nuisance that must be taken care of and there are correct steps we need to take to prevent this pandemic from getting even more out of control. History of spam Spam has been around almost as long as the internet itself has, in 1978 the first spam went out to the users of ARPANET as an ad for a presentation by digital equipment corporation. It actually wasn’t called “spam” until 1993. In an attempt to implement a retro-moderation system that allowed posts to be deleted after they had been posted, Richard Depew accidentally created a monster. His software, ARMM, had a bug in it which caused it to post 200 messages to news.admin.policy. Readers of this group were making jokes about the accident, one person referring to the incident as “spamming.”” (History of email spam wiki) One year later is the first-time spam was used to advertise as a business practice; it was two lawyers from phoenix that ended up hiring a programmer and had him send out a message to every newsgroup possible. The first national standard for sending commercial email did come around and was signed in 2003 by president Bush;

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