A Brief Note On Sports And Extracurricular Activities Essay

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Obstacles are simply hurdles which repeatedly show up in our lives to test hard work and determination. To me possessing the dedication to succeed is more important than measuring wins and losses. Moving to the United States propelled me to face multiple circumstances, which continuously tested my diligence to succeed. My parents, relatives and teachers had always told me that Academics were the only key to success. Sports were simply for leisure. At the beginning of middle school, however, I discovered such was not the case. Academics, sports and extracurricular activities were valued almost equally in American society. In the first year of middle school, I met with reality. For many weeks, I had excelled in my academics switching from regular classes to more challenging Pre-AP classes and exploring interesting electives. The day that my P.E. teacher informed our class we could fail if we weren 't able to run a mile in twenty minutes every week, changed everything. Suddenly, my perception of this new culture, which was gradually assimilating into my life, changed dramatically. Whereas fitness and physical education had simply served as mere diversions from academics in the schools I had previously attended, this new culture placed more importance on these same essentials. As the first Friday approached, anxiety overwhelmed my thoughts. Having never completely run a timed mile, I was stepping into completely foreign territory. While my classmates swiftly ran past me, I
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