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Five Ways To Stand Out At Work
Stand Out At Your Workplace How To Stand Out At Work

Competition in the workplace is stiff. In order to get that promotion you are looking at (or sometimes, even just to survive employment cuts) you need to stand out from the crowd. Just getting the job done and staying out of trouble really isn’t enough. Standing out and getting noticed is the key to successfully working up the ladder.

This is likely old news already, but perhaps you aren’t quite sure how exactly to go about standing out. Not to worry, this article will outline five says that you can stand out in your workplace.
Stop focusing on your weaknesses
Chances are good that you have had your weaknesses pointed out to you your entire life and have been encouraged to work on improving them. From your grade school teacher to your boss, it is not uncommon to have progress reports barely touch on your strengths and then have a lengthy section that discusses “areas that can be improved”.

Rather than working endlessly to work on areas you are likely never to fully excel in, try focusing all of your energy on improving the areas that you are already strong at.

Think of it this way….

If you were to keep your strengths at the level they already are and work tirelessly to improve your weaknesses, your strengths will be “good” and your weaknesses will become “ok”. However, this could really be said of many people in your workplace.

Now if you were to stop being so concerned about those
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