A Brief Note On Stress And Coping Theory

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Stress and coping theory refers to that a stressful event put a family into crisis, the family’s perception of the event and the family’s available resources can lead families to adjust to a better or worse outcome. The family stressor can be either positive or negative (Price, Price& Mckenry, 2010). Family conflict is a stressful event to a family. Every family role can potentially be a victim of violence, such as partner, elderly or a child (Gelles, 2010). There are many factors included in the stressful event, violence. Children are more likely to suffer violence from mothers, wives are having higher chances to be abused by husbands and boys have higher rates to violent siblings. Moreover, low-income households are under higher risk of experience domestic violence, minorities are also considered as having higher rates of violence, hard times in lives, including being a single parent, are also associated with more violence, socially isolated is also contributes to the problem, adults who have been abused as children are more likely to implement violence on others (Galles, 2010). There are some coping resources, such as programs, are existed for victims to get over the hard time. For instance, in Zimbabwe, 16 days session has been held to help people raise the awareness of violence (Leeder, 2004). Other programs are also available resources for family coping process. Actions taken on removing children from an abusive family, and help women found a shelter or safe place
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