A Brief Note On Subway, A Multinational Fast Food Chain

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1. Introduction

All industries are now searching new sources for growth. With the trend of e-commerce which by itself is convenience and competitive, adding short and crisp information with entertainment has a powerful lure. According to an article in Wall Street Journal (July 2010), companies are now considering the use of mix of business models to get better results from the ever-changing customer demands. All of the e-business companies consider the same objects for their business but with different perspectives.

1.1. Background of the Organisation

Subway, a multinational fast food chain is one of the fastest growing franchises with 42,938 restaurants in 107 countries as of November 15, 2014. Its core product being the submarine sandwich popularly referred to as “sub”. The menu also includes wraps and other baked products. Some of its menu varies depending on the country and its market serving customers’ requirements worldwide. Almost all the stores are franchisee operated and UK has the largest market outside US (Subway, 2014).

Subway has visualized an enormous growth since Fred DeLuca co-founded the SUBWAY in US, in 1965. Similar to its other multinational fast food chain rivals, it has gone through its peaks and valleys. Subway determined to cater to its health-conscious customers with healthier menu concentrating on the nutritional factors, is considered as the global market leader in offering healthier and nutritious menus in the fast food chain (Pride and…
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