A Brief Note On Suicide Bombers And The Center Of The Town Between 9 : 55pm And 10

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Kateryna Burysh
Professor Jean Gregorek
ENG 365D Postcolonial Studies
May 5, 2015
Suicide Bombers On May 16, 2003 in Casablanca, Morocco five bombs exploded in five different sites in the center of the town between 9:55pm and 10:00pm. Some of the places that were targeted were an Italian restaurant, Jewish community center, luxury hotel and others. As a result of this attack forty-five people were killed and wounding many others. The number of people killed includes the twelve suicide bombers who came from the suburbs of Casablanca. This really happened and a film was created based on this event which is called Horses of God. The film shows the life of young boys in Sidi Moumen. Which is a small town where people don 't have basic things that are needed for living. The boys are never shown going to school, they are always shown trying to make some money by scavenging or getting involved with violence. The film is a good example of what happens to people when all that surrounds people is hopelessness and poverty. The only sense of belonging or that you are doing something with your life comes from roots of Islamic terrorism. Many can say that these boys fate is just a “tragic inevitability” (Holden). When 9/11 happened people of Sidi Moumen like everyone in the United States or in the world were watching on television what was happening. A thing that was different however is during that time United States was outraged and crumbling but in Sidi Moumen people on the…

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