A Brief Note On Summative Assessment Of Unions

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Summative Assessment of Unions Thesis statement For workers to create a viable union that will represent their wishes in the best way possible, it’s best they organize and lead the campaign themselves. Introduction It is a common belief that the best organizers are the workers in a given organization. It is emphasized that at every stage of organizing process, there should be active participation of the workers who are seeking representation (Bronfenbrenner, 2013). It is very essential to getting the contract that they deserve other than just winning an election. As the person organizing, you have to talk to your co-workers. Talking with them will enable you to know if you share the same concerns regarding your job or if the management …show more content…

It is recommended that the number of the employees in a committee should be around 10. How do you build majority support? After forming a committee, you need to build support for the union by talking to other employees. This begins the ‘public’ phase of your campaign. The best way to build support is by getting the workers to sign a public petition that supports the unions’ key issue and goals. Most employers will, on the other hand, launch their camping against the union at this point. How do you choose to go union? It largely depends on where you and your co-workers work. If it’s private organization, workers, make a choice through elections that are overseen by the National Labor Relations Board. In a public sector, you can make a union either through majority sign-up or a tradition union election. What about the employer’s campaign? Employers will use different techniques as a way of preventing the union. Some techniques used are creating conflict between the workers so as to divide the union support and to create an atmosphere of fear. The union I would choose to help us organize and why There are so many unions that can help use, but the one that I will go for is the CWA. When we successfully organize and get CWA representation, we will get a real voice at workplace and job. The following are some of the benefits of joining CWA (Markowitz, 2014): We will get a legal right to bargain

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