A Brief Note On Systemic Obstacles And The Criminal Prosecution Of A Battering Partner

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The article I am critiquing is entitled “Systemic Obstacles to the Criminal Prosecution of a Battering Partner: A Victim Perspective.” It seeks to explain the criminal justice system related to battered women, from a victim’s point of view. The major issue being investigated in this article is that many women fail to follow through after battery charges are pressed. The major concepts discussed in this article were not well conceptualized. While there was not much that needed to be conceptualized or defined, the researchers failed to explain a term that was used throughout. The researchers commonly used the phrase “follow thorough,” but nowhere in the article did they specifically define what they meant by that phrase.
The research question was not clearly stated in the article. Rather, it must be implied. Based on the article as a whole, I am gathering that the main goal and question of the study is to ask women what is it like for a victim to go though the DVU (domestic violence unit) process of pressing charges. They are also looking to find out what obstacles a woman faces when pressing these charges, and how these obstacles affect one’s decisions to complete the process (Bennett, Goodman, & Dutton, 1999). In addition, no hypothesis was made, which is likely due to the nature of the research. This research study is considered qualitative. In qualitative research, “rather than testing a hypothesis, the researchers are trying to make sense of some social phenomenon”…
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