A Brief Note On Tackle Complex Policy Issues

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The most interesting part of the article to me is how it explains how to tackle complex policy issues and exactly what the hardest problems are to agree on how to mitigate/combat most efficiently. The paper discusses the most complex policy issues and their characteristics, how to tackle them with possible strategies, avoiding the narrow approach and instead the need for flexible approaches, the importance of working across organisation boundaries, reviewing the framework, effectively engaging with stakeholders, and the importance of achieving behaviour change within the citizens. I have not come across anything similar to this before, and so I feel indifferent towards the attitude of the paper; I was neither surprised nor confronted by…show more content…
Discussion: Public transport services can have social and environmental impacts; these include air and noise pollution, land disturbance (train tracks), and traffic congestion. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2003), “there is concern that current technology for powering transport systems may be unsustainable in the long-term”, which is why funding is needed to upgrade to renewable trains and trams. Although public transport emits carbon dioxide (CO2), the emission is significantly lower compared to private vehicles; public transport such as trains use 2%, whilst private vehicles (cars) use 43% (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2003). Resources required: According to the Government of South Australia in Department of Planning, Transport, and Infrastructure (n.d.), recent upgrades to one of the train lines to be electrified cost $2 billion. It is expected other lines will estimate to cost around the same budget. Risks: The risks associated with this proposal revolve around political, legal, economic, and environmental risks. Recently, Adelaide Metro employees were on strike due to low pay; if the Government were to build more train tracks and improve the services by creating more routes, the employees may go on strike again, creating a political and legal risk. An economic risk is

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