A Brief Note On Taxation And Business Decisions

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Corporate Ethics Yolanda Bell July 20, 2016 Taxation and Business Decisions (ACCT618-1603A-01) Do corporations operate off of good ethics or profits? There are some who do not practice appropriate ethics, and you will not know it until they get caught. If your corporation can operate with good ethics, it stands to make a very good profit along with a good reputation. According to Environics International national survey, “25,000 people in 23 countries, 50 percent pay attention to the social behavior of companies” (Lowe, 2016). Also, one in five said they would report the company and refuse to buy from them (Lowe, 2016). These standards should be based on the company beliefs, behaviors, and decisions that…show more content…
• Avoidance is another reason for unethical behavior because the employee feel the wrong doing will not be addressed. • It can also be due to rationalization saying “everybody’s doing it” they are followers, and don’t think for themselves. • Doing the wrong thing is easier than doing the what’s right • Using neutral terms to describe questionable actions (Monert, 2014) What can you do to keep your employees from making unethical decisions? • Treat them well- this can be accomplished by offering competitive pay, benefits, prevent on the job harassment, and properly training management. This will help prevent a large employee turnover, attendance, work quality, and motivate them to maintain company compliance. • Honesty can be accomplished by providing a service to the public, or suppliers with an on time product. Provide a product to customers focusing on quality, and an affordable product. This will boost your company reputation. • Be responsible if your company operates with hazardous chemical, or product making sure they are disposed of properly. Some companies have paid millions of dollars due to their poor practices in this process. For example in December of 2015, Comcast was hit with a 26 million dollar penalty for dumping hazardous waste; they also revealed customers personal info (Morran, 2015). They
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