A Brief Note On Technology And Electronic Documentation

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Technology has become increasingly important over the years by making everyday life easier and more convenient. According to Dailymail.com, “the average adult is awake for fifteen hours and forty-five minutes every day and forty-five percent of that time is spent using a proliferation of technology (Thomas, 2010).” Although some individuals may disagree, technology has accelerated the business world in the last century. Instead of writing a letter and waiting days for a response, people are now able to communicate in a matter of minutes through email. The traditional way of writing notes in the clinical setting is now also being converted to technology. Due to the rising trend of technological use in clinical settings, it is now ideal for universities with occupational therapy assistant programs to include use of electronic documentation in the classroom. The lack of technology interferes with note taking in the classroom, which in turn, interferes with the clinical setting. As with any scenario, there are several pros and cons with the use of technology and electronic documentation in the classroom. Implementing an electronic documentation program in the classroom will prepare students for both written and electronic documentation during fieldwork. It will also aid in convenience and productivity during therapeutic activities. In a survey, designed for an occupational therapy assistant program, twenty-two out of twenty-six (88%) students said they felt the use
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