A Brief Note On The Adolescent Medicine Fellowship ( Amf ) Program

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Undrea Ravenel HCAI 5360 Leadership – EI Dr. Stefl In your current position, how important is EI versus technical competency? The Adolescent Medicine Fellowship (AMF) Program is one of the military’s subspecialty-training programs, which train pediatricians in the specialty of adolescent and young adult medicine. The function of my position, program coordinator, is to support the program director. The role of the program coordinator has a significant role in successfully managing and facilitating the completion of the program. Program coordinators fundamental skills in technical competency and emotional intelligence are the cornerstone of the program. The program coordinator contributes to developing relations with internal and…show more content…
Program coordinators’ technical competence reflects the effective and efficient manner in completing daily responsibilities and program functions successfully. I could not successfully complete my role and responsibilities without applying technical knowledge or consistently perform without the necessary coordinating skills. Technical competency is an important aspect of my position as well as emotional intelligence. Technical competency is an integral portion in managing the program. Although, several studies report people with higher emotional intelligence are more successful, however, both are necessary characteristics considering the required knowledge and skills when communicating program activities with others. Are there any aspects of your EI that you would like to improve? Effective leaders are continually improving their skills. I will continue to improve my emotional skills attaining better leadership qualities. The communication aspect of emotional intelligence is a major skill a leader must possess. I feel my greatest challenge is communication, in which I would like to improve. I am comfortable communicating on an individual level, however, group settings and required written communication intimidates me. I know I must practice and make
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