A Brief Note On The Affordable Care Act Essay

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The affordable care act was passed in March 2010 although the affordable care act or ACA was considered to be a highly politicized mandate the mandate was implemented based off the need to to provide coverage for Americans they could not seek healthcare because they did not have health insurance. On the economic side the affordable care act was estimated to update the national reform on total national health expenditures and the insurance premiums that Americans would likely pay. And it would reduce healthcare spending by nearly $590 billion over a nine year. As well as lower premiums by nearly $2000 per family and slow national health expenditures from 6.3% to 5.7% in that same time period. It 's important to understand that when it came to the cost analysis of the affordable care act in 2010 The assessments were conducted on considerations of the law of the federal budget only. It was also said that was significant evidence in literature there was not much evidence in the published literature or policy reforms short of service constraints this art save large amounts of money. The study even shows savings from a baseline that are positive when it comes to savings where is there other literature supporting the fact that there are not significant savings through this plan the common assessment is that there was little efficacious that could be done. Because of that result several scholars that are named such as Michael Porter, Elizabeth Teisberg, Clay Christenson, Jerome
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