A Brief Note On The Agency Of Environment And Forest

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. Preventation:

The ‘Ministry of Environment and Forest (MOEF)’of Bangladesh is primarily responsible for environmental protection. It was created in 1989. The MOEF has taken some steps to control the environmental pollution of Bangladesh.

National Environmental Management Action:

Plan (NEMAP).
The government has taken a project named NEMAP to integrate environment with the development in a policy framework. It provides a guideline for promoting effective management of resources, raising awareness among the people and

improvement of environmental degradation
Environmental Acts, Rules and Laws:
The government of Bangladesh has modified environmental acts, rules and laws to improve environmental condition

Environment court has already been established to take prompt legal action against environmental pollution. The DOE has been empowered to punish the offenders of environmental rules.

Control of Air Pollution:
Recently the DOE has taken some measures to carry out surveys on identification and control of polluting industries, protecting habitats, examining the use of compressed natural gas in industries, setting environmental standards and controlling river and automobile pollution on environmental management. It also conducts vehicular emission measurements at Dhaka city.
Banning of Polyethylene Bags:
Most of the sewage lines of Dhaka city have been blocked by indiscriminate dumping of polyethylene bags over the…
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