A Brief Note On The American Association Of Orthopedic Surgeon 's ( Aaos )

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Background and problem to be addressed: According to the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeon’s (AAOS), chondrosarcomas are the second leading cause of bone cancers, as well as the most difficult to treat (1). Currently, the only effective treatment includes chemotherapy and wide surgical resection of the bone and cartilaginous tissue surrounding the tumor, which is incredibly invasive and painful for the patient (2). Depending on the location of the tumor, however, surgical resection might not always be possible. Also, if the margin is not wide, the tumor can recur. Alternatives to resection include debulking and intralesional surgery, but these are associated with a recurrence rate of up to 93% (3,4). Therefore, developing a less-invasive alternative treatment would be a significant advancement in quality of life for patients with chondrosarcomas.

Long-term goal: The long-term goal of this research program is to find effective treatment for chondrosarcomas. Here, we propose to test whether iron depletion therapy can be used to improve outcome for patients with chondrosarcoma tumors. A first step toward reaching this initial goal is to test whether iron deprivation controls tumor cell growth in vitro and in a rat model.

Hypothesis: Our experimental model will utilize chondrosarcoma cell lines that will be studied in tissue culture and in rats. We hypothesize that chondrosarcoma cancer cell lines depleted of serum iron will exhibit decreased growth and

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