A Brief Note On The American Auto Industry

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The American Auto Industry is one of the leading car-making industries in the world. There are three major car manufacturers which are General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. In the month of December of 2015 these three manufacturers had combined sales of close to 750,000 vehicles (Specter, Bennett, & Stoll, 2016). The industry made a lot of changes after the recession of 2008 (Specter, Bennet, & Stoll, 2016), but there are new challenges that they are facing. The companies face increasing competition when it comes to truck sales due to foreign competition. This matters because trucks are a very lucrative market for the domestic producers (Torque, 2015). Recently Nissan and Toyota introduced new full size pick-up trucks to compete in this segment. Hyundai, another Asian competitor, also is looking at introducing a truck into the U.S. market (Stoklosa, 2016). This is important to know for the American Auto Industry because selling cars is not creating a lot of profit for them (Torque, 2015). Another issue for the American market is the luxury vehicle market. The reason for this is that American luxury brands do not sell as well as their European and Asian competition (Wernle, 2015). Cadillac, General Motors’ luxury brand, recently reacted to this by hiring Johan de Nysschen, to help turn their brand and sales around (Ulrich, 2015). This means that General Motors is actively working to beat the competition. The ongoing trade with China also influences the Automotive Industry in
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