A Brief Note On The American Oil Company

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In the 1960s the American oil company Chevron operating under the Texaco brand entered into a contract with Ecuador 's government to extract oil from the basin of the Amazon rainforest. Over the course of the next 26 years Chevron extracted billions of gallons of crude oil that generated huge revenues for the company. In the process this large oil company committed one of the worst accident environmental abuse in history. On the west coast of South America straddling the equator from which he derives its name was lays the country of Ecuador. It is slightly smaller than the state of Nevada and home to the Galapagos Islands and the rain forest of the Amazon. In spite of its relatively small size Ecuador is home to a vast array of animal and plant species. So Much so that Ecuador has been named by conservation international one of only 17 mega- diverse cultures in the world a group of countries that harbor the majority of your species. Ecuador is also home to a number of native indigenous groups including the Achuar, Secoya and co-fund nationalities. These people live off the land; they drink water from rivers and use them for fishing bathing and cooking and now thanks to Chevron they’re sick and dying for doing so. To understand how Chevron cause things to go so horribly wrong in Ecuador we must take a look at what steps are normally taken to protect the environment when drilling for oil. Oil extraction typically begins for the well is drilled and pits are created to
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