A Brief Note On The American Red Cross

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One of the greatest tragedies to strike mankind in this day and age is a natural disaster, in particular, a hurricane. In October 2012 Hurricane Sandy made landfall in the United States causing more than $60 billion in damage and killing around 200 people. There are a few companies that deal with natural disasters and help out as many affected people as possible, one of the largest being the American Red Cross. Founded in 1881, the American Red Cross assists not only disasters in the United States, but all around the world. The American Red Cross was one of the leading nonprofits during Hurricane Sandy, helping those affected by the storm in as many ways as possible. One of the greatest issues that the Red Cross has to deal with is figuring out who should receive the relief benefits the fastest. Because there are not an unlimited number of resources for the Red Cross to give, there are two main ways to fund disaster relief. When the disaster’s total reaches a high amount such as $60 billion, the Red Cross can make a difference, but not to the extent of that kind of money. They help as much as they can by taking donations from people to try to fund a relief effort for those affected. When there is not enough money raised to help everybody out the Red Cross cannot help anymore. Not having the funding from a corporation for relief, the United States people would then look to the government to offer help for relief. One of the most recent attempts to get help is known as the…

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