A Brief Note On The Ancient Indian Period Essay

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Originate In the ancient Indian period, because the Hindu caste system did not lift the pain of practitioners. Siddhartha Gautama, the prince of ancient Kapilavastu (now Nepal), went to the rest of the world to continue to explore the true meaning of life. One day was observed under the Bodhi tree in their own feelings into the state of Nirvana. And then realized that he found a way to stop the pain, then he traveled to the Ganges to preach to others. According to his teaching methods, many people understand the truth and stop the pain. Gradually, then the resulting Buddhism. From the beginning of the Maurya Empire, Buddhism, respectively, to the north and south in two directions. South Buddhism (also known as the Ministry of the upper seat of Buddhism) spread through Ceylon to Southeast Asia, mainly in Southeast Asia, Indochina and other places. Northern Buddhism (also known as Mahayana Buddhism) arrived in Xinjiang through Kashmir, as early as the first century of the Eastern Han Dynasty Buddhism was introduced to China. Northern Buddhism was formally introduced into Tibet in the 8th century. At this point, the Northern Buddhism is divided into Chinese Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism. According to records, in 67 AD, the emperor of the Eastern Han dynasty dreamed a man who made of gold. Then he sent some people to the Western access to Kasyapa Matanga. And brought a lot of Buddha and Buddhist scriptures, with the White Horse Camel back to the capital Luoyang. The emperor
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