A Brief Note On The And Body Cameras

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Lies. Misconceptions. Misinterpretations. Many people in the world are judged and stereotyped as liars. However, the people doing the labeling are the real liars. Who are the people being misjudged and mischaracterized as liars? Police officers. Thankfully, new technology is being introduced to allow the police to fight back. Body cameras are little cameras that are like having another pair of eyes. Once activated, they record everything one can see. Body cameras are a valuable invention as they assist in finding criminals, can be beneficial to teachers and give cops a chance of documenting their actions, and is economical.

As with abundant inventions, body cameras weren 't invented until something major happened. In 2011, when Walter Scott got shot by Michael Slager - a police officer - people said everything changed. "Video recordings are thought to provide accurate and contemporaneous records of events, which can be useful in situations when there are multiple, contradictory accounts of the same event, and particularly in encounters between police officers and members of the public" (Tsin Yen Koh). Having another set of eyes on citizens is like having another unbiased observer. As stated by Jay Stanley, a professional journalist, “‘On-officer recording systems ' are small, pager-sized cameras that clip on to an officer 's uniform or are worn as a headset, and record audio and video of the officer 's interactions with the public." Some police officers wear it near…
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