A Brief Note On The And Fire Departments Essay

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Hundreds of people were left stranded in or on their homes or apartments because of rising flood waters. Police and fire departments were unable to reach people for several days because of roads and bridges being flooded. During snow storms, roads often become impassible due to snow and ice. ESS must put the safety of their staff ahead of everyone else if they want to ensure that they will have all the necessary personnel and resources to respond as soon as they are able. Potential Consequences Local Level When the ESS becomes compromised due to a terrorist threat, local communities are the first to suffer. When LE, fire departments, or EMS are unable to respond to calls due to the risk of personal injury or because of their systems being hacked, it puts citizens at risk of additional injury, illness, or death. If a loved one has been attacked and police are unable to go near the scene because he or she is being shot at, it impacts your life directly. In the event that a hacktivist has put the home address of a police officer online, it does not just affect him/her or the department, but also their family. When a building is on fire and the fire department is not able to get to the scene because there is an active shooter in the area, lives and property are at stake. In the event that severe weather breaks out, first responders, to include LE and fire departments, are at the mercy of the elements to safely reach their destinations. State Level When ESS becomes
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