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Understaffing Can Lead to Medication Errors
The goal of every hospital is to provide the best possible health care to it’s patients. Accordingly, the hospital endeavors to recruit and employ the best health care providers available to administer and attend to the medical care of it’s patients. To that end, nurses represent a significant majority of those hospital employees who provide direct bedside care to and for patients. Along with a plethora of other medical responsibilities for the patient, the nurse is responsible for the delivery of prescribed medications to the patient. Many studies conducted by the healthcare professionals have examined by way of gathering data the “workplace environment” in which nurse professionals find themselves, and reported those findings and rendered their opinion. The articles analyze various factors and/or events that cause a nurse to make latent mistakes which compromise the health and safety of the patient, including morbidity and mortality. Those latent mistakes also are costly in a pecuniary sense.
Patients and families are entrusting their loved ones to the hands of the nurse in hopes of receiving compassionate and trustworthy care. They are unbenounced that they are one of many patients assigned to the nurse. These unrealistic patient workloads have left nurses chronically fatigued, psychologically and emotionally exhausted, and frustrated that the innate calling to help people is diminished due to a lack of support…
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