A Brief Note On The And Kinetic Energy

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Coalwood (chp. 1) Kinetic energy is a type of energy that happens when movement is provoked and when friction happened we learned about it in science class this year. I personally would hate to see a tipple and a mine each morning when I wake up. (comment) “Every weekend, and even on saturday when times were good, I could see the black coal cars rolling beneath the tipple…” It is kind of gross that his socks were always black each night. I wonder why they did not give the rent money which in their way of the system kept would make it easier for families to really accommodate and figure out the money they are working with to support the family. Imagery: “[...] in Coalwood were painted a company white which the blowing coal soon tinged…show more content…
I cannot even imagine that feeling. (reader’s note: I like the way Sonny just not just say he was in pain. But he sets back to tell us how it happened so that we could imagine and then he say, “He could not even speak a bare word.” that surely says more than he was hurt so I think these are sensory details because they really appeal to your senses. Imagery: “ Every Monday through friday, the lines formed and met at intersection until hundreds of miners filled out streets. In their overalls and helmets, they reminded me of newsreels I’d seen of soldiers slogging odd to the front.” I wonder what the comparison of our parent’s fee in comparison to my mom’s and dad’s fee would be. The mother must be kind of stressed and annoyed in some way of Sonny’s dad acting like he made a million dollars and just not caring about her concerns. From the words “Homer he is just like you” - “It was only when I was in highschool and began to build my rockets that I finally understood why.” Comment: I feel that Sonny must have been a little confused and I don’t understand why it would be bad for Sonny to be like his father. I wonder if the mom just wanted one of his son’s to do something big and good for the world beside digging coal out the ground and making barely enough to make the ends meet. My grandma’s grandma used the same soap; lava soap. Isn’t that funny. Sputnik (chp. 2) It must be hard living such a heavy name like that and knowing that your dad does not love
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