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Operationalising and Measuring Crime The phenomenon of crime can be seen globally throughout different societies and cultures in many different forms such as theft and murder, dictated by the state laws governing the land at the time, and is becoming more and more of an issue in modern society. With shows such as Crimewatch and the constant negative portrayal by the media, crime is becoming what is known as a 'moral panic ', and raising awareness about different type of crimes as well as frenzy (Cohen, 2002). Some of the predominate sources of UK government data on the levels and attitudes to crime, are self-report studies where offenders tell of their crime, police crime statistics and most prominent, The British Crime Survey for England and Wales (Home Office,2012). The British Crime Survey for England and Wales is a victimisation survey first established in 1982, which collects and measures large quantities of crime statistics 'by asking people about crimes they have experience in the previous year ' (Home Office,2012:3). Within this essay I will define the key concepts and terms and explore why the study of crime and collection of statistics is pediment to society and social research. I will then examine why to an extent crime is difficult to measure and operationalise through looking at my chosen three attributes of violent crime, sexual offences and commercial victimisation, by looking at statistics and past studies on crime that faced similar difficulties.

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