A Brief Note On The And Nursing Care

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Telenursing is defined as the delivery, management, and coordination of care and services provided via telecommunications technology within the domain of nursing (American Association of Ambulatory Care Nursing, 2004). The terms “telehealth nursing,” “telenursing,” are used interchangeably. To illustrate telehealth nursing the terms “home telehealth nursing” and “telehomecare nursing” are expressions having the same meaning. Both of these terms describe using technology and advancements in healthcare in the homecare setting, in order to deliver nursing care remotely.


Telenursing dates back to the 1970s when hospital caregivers reached out to offsite experts for consultation. Due to a lack of technology this type of consultation was done primarily by phone. Nurses who engaged in telenursing practice today assess, plan, intervene, and evaluate the outcomes of nursing care. They do this using technologies such as the internet, computers, telephones, digital assessment tools, and telemonitoring equipment.

Patients are responsible for their own health care at home once they leave a provider 's office or a hospital. Most patients often do not follow the prescribed treatment plan prescribed by their physician or provider. This may be due to several factors such as a miscommunication or misunderstanding of the treatment plan, lack of availability to facilities needed for the treatment plan, or a difficult course of therapy that the patient cannot
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