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Ethnographies are very important to social science. They help to dive into different groups and culture 's day-to-day lives and learn and understand the way these groups and cultures live on a micro level. This helps those that are interested to better understand the reasons behind why these groups are the way they are and do the things they do. Ethnographies may take many different forms and take form on many different topics. These topics can range anywhere from sororities or fraternities to certain religions or cultures to cults or gangs and to many others. The type of ethnography that will be discussed is one on gangs. Dr. Jody Miller is a criminology professor at Rutgers University 's School of Criminal Justice. She is also an ethnographer and wrote “One of the Guys: Girls, Gangs, and Gender”, an ethnography about females in the gang world. In her ethnography, she analyzes both gang members and non-gang members to help better understand and explain the ways of life in a gang. In her study, she favors the reason why young women in particular involve themselves in gangs and how their involvements affect their lives compared to young women and men that do not involve themselves in gangs. She also analyzes factors that come with gang involvement such as delinquency, violence, and victimization. A major question in the majority of gang studies is “Why do young children join gangs?” The thing is... there isn 't really one simple answer. But there are some…
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