A Brief Note On The And The Affordable Care Act

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Mike Mosko English 2 3 December 2014 Obamacare vs. The Affordable Care Act: The role of news framing in health care reform. It has officially been over a year since the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, took the nation by storm. Along with its inception came a deeming quality as one of the most ambitious, as well as provocative, instances of health care reform the United States had ever seen. The basic premise of the law is an attempt to ensure that affordable health care is made available for all American public. This is accomplished by providing tax credits on health insurance plans offered by the government, such as Medicaid, to those who remain at a certain Federal Poverty Level and could previously not effort it. The idea is that these discounts would suddenly allow said people to have a better chance at doing so. In addition, the law protects patients with preexisting medical conditions or who suddenly fall ill, forbidding insurance companies from dropping them. It also allows young adults to stay on their parent’s plans until the age of 26 and lowers rates for seniors. Those opposed to the law have retaliated, citing increased taxes, allocation of Federal and State funding, mandatory health coverage and, new, unnecessary obligations that insurance companies must follow. It is important to remember that ACA’s background, as well as its general support, is Democratic while, the majority of those who oppose it are Republican. The clashing views of

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