A Brief Note On The Arab Israeli War

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Modern Essay Arab and Israeli Conflict

The Middle Eastern area has experienced and suffered more conflict and blood shed than probably any part of the world. The Arab-Israeli war in 1948 was the first step of a century of bloody and hostile conflicts. The Arab- Israeli war was caused by a number of factors both intraregional and international, which created a catalyst of war through a complex situation. This was triggered by Israel’s independence declaration in 14 May 1948; in the Arab-Israeli war the victor was Israel. During this essay the following will be discussed: Zionism, Arab nationalism, and British foreign policy these I believe are the three key causes of the 1948 war. The reason for choosing not just one of these factors to blame is that it was a combination of the three, which has made the Middle East such a hot spot even till now. During the nineteenth century Zionism and Arab nationalism had been rising up with goals of achieving self-determination and emancipation both of these groups changed around the concepts of nationhood, history, religion, culture and of identity. The idea of Zionism started around the deep-rooted biblical tradition, which was the idea to declare Palestine the land of Israel where Jewish independence and respect was to be restored. However, this was inside the context of European anti-Semitism and the oppression that modern political Zionism started. The following made upon this ideological foundation: ‘the Jewish people constituted…
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