A Brief Note On The Army Daily Newspaper

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Newspaper- Army Daily is a newspaper targeted specifically for people in the military supported by USAA. A lot of veterans are older in age, and therefore read the newspaper, as opposed to younger army members. USAA advertises in this newspaper to keep their target market up-to-date with new and upcoming discounts or promotions. USAA should definitely promote their ads in the Ledger Enquirer, since that is a local newspaper and many military personnel are familiar with it.
Digital Marketing
• USAA app- very first company to quote life insurance and allow deposits via mobile for qualified members. It is super easy and you can pay bills as well as check them.

• Website- very clean, organized, and easy to navigate through and helps clients easily find what they may be looking for.

Social Media Advertising
• USAA has taken over all social media platforms, but the top two are Facebook and Twitter.
• FB- 860K- Facebook is definitely the place to promote. Since everyone is on there, reach your niche market is easier. Promoting ads and promotions will increase customer awareness, while targeting new ones.
• (INSERT THE #H4HH) Twitter and Instagram- 102K Using hash tags during special events, such as Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas will help create a lot buzz for USAA.
• They also have a Twitter especially for questions and complaints, an Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. As far as the other platforms, they should be deleted, as they are not used often. Our clients do…
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