A Brief Note On The Article Communities Of Commitment, By Kofman And Senge

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From the article Communities of Commitment, by Kofman and Senge, three fundamental problems where addressed as the main reason behind organizations’ culture dysfunction:
The first fundamental problem is fragmentation, where problems are fragmented into pieces. Even though individuals perform better by doing what they know best, it is better to work as a team to solve the problem rather than working in isolations (Kofman & Senge, 1993).
The second fundamental problem is competition, so individual inside the organization should focus on achieving goals instead of becoming the best. And like they said, people should not become defensive and afraid to make mistakes (Kofman & Senge, 1993).

The third fundamental problem is reactiveness, where individuals should act based on what they want rather than what they have (Kofman & Senge, 1993).
Building a learning organization is not an individual task, it demand a shift that goes all the way to the core of culture. So leaders in organizations should not try to work their magic without trying to involve the team and their cultures along. Since that’s one of the major reasons why organization fails under leaders’ ignorance of culture, or team involvement in the decision making (Wagner-Tsukamoto, 2003).


The Five Dysfunction of a Team by Patrick Lencioni support the process of applying the Theory U in a group context by the storytelling power to the attractive complex world of teams. In the…
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