A Brief Note On The Article, Workplace Rules On No Gossiping, Alyson Paige Essay

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Dealing with Difficult People In the article, Workplace Rules on No Gossiping, Alyson Paige (2016) discusses the possible effects of gossip within the workplace and ways to help alleviate the problem. She states that workplace gossip can lead to tension and stress amongst employees and therefore, diminished productivity. Paige (2016) lists four methods to help prevent gossip in the workplace: Workplace communication: Employee speculation, which can attribute to rumors and gossip, can be avoided if there is transparency in the organization. Workers should be informed of any changes which could affect the company and it 's workers.. Workplace respect: “Gossip is disrespectful behavior for the work environment” (Paige, 2016). An organization should have rules and guidelines for appropriate behavior and clear consequences if those rules are not followed. A no-gossip rule can be included in the policies. Consequences: If gossiping is a large problem with the company, implement severe consequences such as assigning more work or to include the behavior in the employee 's review. Make the employee aware that this conduct may negatively affect the chances for a raise or promotion since teamwork, integrity, and productivity are considered in the decision. Consistency: Whichever approach a company takes to reduce gossip, rules should be consistently reinforced. A manager who attempts to be a positive role model may inspire his/her employees to be respectful at the workplace. The

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