A Brief Note On The Articles Of Confederation

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1777 - 1789 // The Articles of Confederation

The Declaration of Independence ignited the search for a government, with some states even drafting their own. In 1777, the Continental Congress finished drafting a national government for states for ratification. They ratified it easily, supporting how this form of government was the polar opposite of the”tyranny” of Great Britain. The Articles allowed the government to do the following: make treaties, form a national army, and other meager tasks compared to the faults. These limitations were highlighted as they could not actually enforce any of these powers, nor could the government tax. This led to funding being even more limited than initially perceived. Even the editing process hindered growth, with each amendment needing to be ratified by all states. One state could say no to something virtually all other states could have benefitted from. The Articles were not proper for the first government, especially for a country that was engaging in war. With the lack of taxation on the people, they could barely finance the war they were fighting, so when they printed more money, it only led to extreme inflation. The problem with the Articles were evident, the only question was, how were they going to fix it.
The Articles providing something crucial, America needed to perpetuate it forward, a mistake. This marked one of the first ‘coming together’ of the Americans as a whole. It pointed out the obvious flaws in the country. The lack…
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