A Brief Note On ' The Big Apple '

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Worming Around in the Big Apple
The world is full of beautiful cities. Some of the best known are Tokyo, London, Paris, and Madrid. My favorite city is New York. New York City is a wild combination of lights and tall buildings that dazzle the imagination and leaves you wanting more. Manhattan is my favorite because it is full of life, bright, and beautiful. In time square, big and dazzling billboards illuminate the overly crowded streets leaving no room for darkness anywhere. With the masses of pedestrians littering the city and a maze of skyscrapers and streets, it can be easy to get lost, and that is exactly what happened in the big, beautiful, and interesting city of New York.
A gray overcast hung lowly in the sky making the silhouette of the big city seem dark and uninviting. Despite the eerie looking skies, Kayla and I were still excited. As the city came more into view, I could feel the anticipation levels rising while my grin grew larger.
“Are you excited?” I asked, looking over at Kayla. Today would be her first time coming to New York, but this would be my second.
“Yeah, it looks gorgeous!” She responded, but continued to look out of the window in awe.
Soon, we found ourselves inside of the Lincoln Tunnel in standstill traffic, but when we bolted out, the magnificent city was before us. With much excitement,we wandered off the bus and onto the corner of fifth avenue and thirty-third street.
“Okay y’all need to help me remember where we are,” My mom warned. “We…
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