A Brief Note On The Business Negotiation Environment

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Winging-It in Negotiations Many people think that they can “wing-it” in the business negotiation environment. This is the first big mistake most people make before negotiating. Planning your strategy is always the most important part of negotiation (Camp, 2013). There has been many scenarios where I have been in the presence of people trying to “wing-it” while negotiating at the bargaining table. As I have grown in my profession I have witnessed coworkers showing their ineffectiveness by displaying this unintended behavior like fear and anger. In most cases it is because they came unrehearsed to the negotiation table. They usually fumble the football and give into both their fear, and or anger. “Getting angry might help you get your way…show more content…
Normally people will revert to the accommodation strategy and focus on using this strategy in order to keep building a future relationship. The Prime Minister Morihiro Hosokawa was seemly trying to build a long lasting relationship with President Clinton as well as the United States for future business needs. Intergroup Conflict In business and within life most people usually possess a set of standards, or normalcies that determine how they choose to behave as a member of a group within our society. Most groups establish an acquired relationship between them in order to complete a task in the business world. This form of collaboration is the very reason people are interrelating and trying to accomplish a goal. When this process happens it can sometimes create conflict. In the business world conflict can be perceived as a form of enhancement that is considered constructive, and can often identify a weakness. Many times we can create conflict that is confrontational or that creates negative communication between individuals. This conflict at times can cause injury to the organization and

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