A Brief Note On The Canadian And Philippine Social Work Practice

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Social Work in Canada and The Philippines
Despite geographically on different corners of the world, there remains a lot of similarities between the Canadian and Philippine social work practice. In both jurisdictions, social work is a recognized profession. In the Philippines, Republic Act 4373 laid the basis for professionalization social work. The organized social work practice in the Philippines was introduced during the American rule (1898-1946) to gradually extend public coordination of welfare services. (Aspalter, 2014). In Canada, although there is no law creating the profession, the Canadian Association of Social Workers was established to establish standards of social work practice. Each province established its own Colleges to govern the practice of social work on the local level. The first recognition of social workers in the Philippines came after its liberation from the United States when the Philippine Association of Social Workers was organized (Almanzor, 1966; Yu, 2006 as cited in Aspalter, 2014). Through their influence further, social welfare gradually transitions towards professionalization to emphasize the need to coordinate welfare services. Landa Jocano (1980: 63 as cited in Aspalter, 2014). In both territories, a governing body supervises the practice. In both jurisdictions, practice theories are based on Western origin and orientation. Though Canada has pioneered some intellectual contributions in social work academia, Philippines education, and…
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