A Brief Note On The Canadian Association Of Emergency Physicians

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Introduction When will I see a Doctor? When will I get a bed? These are the questions that are constantly asked when in the Emergency Department (ED). The Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) & National emergency Nurses Affiliation (NENA)(2003) defines overcrowding as a situation where “services exceeds the ability to provide care within a reasonable time, causing doctors and nurses to be unable to provide quality care” (“ED overcrowding”, para. 2). Maintaining access and flow in the ED is essential to the improvement of overcrowding. I am in agreement with the people of Ontario, who state that it is frustrating to wait for hours just to see a doctor or to be transferred to an in-patient unit. Firstly, overcrowding…show more content…
Existing information and statistics are also evaluated with the goal of identifying gaps that might exist and should be consequently addressed. Overcrowding in the ED was evaluated in terms of functionality, achievements, and fundamentals. Preliminary literature review According to the CAEP (2015) the cause of crowding in the ED is due to the prolonged presence of patients already admitted into the hospital with no inpatients bed because the hospital bed occupancy rates exceeds 90%. Martin (2011) a practicing ED physician, states that most of the acute ED beds are full with chronically diseased patients who can no longer live at home. Many of these patients do not need acute care hospital beds but rather a long-term bed, which are rarely available. Theses patients end up in the ED for days waiting for a bed. In order to alleviate the ED congestion, Martin (2011) suggest to “increase the number of complex care and assisted living beds. Appropriate patients should be directed to these beds and away from those in the ER” (p. 12). I do not understand why the hospital administration and government has not done studies to see if these types of beds should be made available in the hospital until permanent complex beds become available in the community. In my opinion I believe this would leave more acute beds open and reduce the backup into the ED. The
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