A Brief Note On The Canadian Association Of Social Workers Essay

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Two years ago I started working as a Social Worker at a First Nations Reserve. I knew about Canada’s Residential School System which made me reflected on my own cultural losses and social work practice. My ancestors endured severe trauma as a result of the African Slave Trade. Today, Jamaica still presents with many problems such as; poverty, mental illness, substance abuse, physical abuse and learned helplessness, all of which comes as residual effects of the Slave Trade. While I will not compare the trauma experienced by both groups, I did notice one similarity. Trauma never ends with the generation that last experienced it. It continues for several decades and the effects can be just as severe to those who indirectly experienced it. In my opinion, it is crucial for any worker including forensic social workers to develop professional competency; as this affects the level of service offered to client. I have opted to enhance my professional competency through trauma-informed practices. “The Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) Code of Ethics has established values and principles to guide social workers’ professional conduct. Ethical behaviour comes from a social worker’s individual commitment to engage in ethical practice” (CASW, 2005). The CASW holds true to 6 core values i.e.; 1: Respect for Inherent Dignity and Worth of Persons, 2: Pursuit of Social Justice, 3: Service to Humanity, 4: Integrity of Professional Practice, 5: Confidentiality in Professional

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