A Brief Note On The Canadian Environmental Protection Act

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i) What are some of the main causes of water pollution in Canada, and what progress has Canada made in dealing with water pollution? Provide some indication of the seriousness of air pollution in Canada.

There are many elements that cause water pollution in Canada. Water pollution usually happens when releases of ingredients damage the quality of water for other consumers, including humans and animals. Pollution can affect domestic waters such as lakes, rivers and groundwater.

The three main causes I believe have greatly polluted the water in Canada are oil, chemicals, and sewage. Water is polluted by oil leakage from automobiles as well as off and on shore transportation. Chemical waste plays a big factor on water pollution- usually discharged from industries such as chemical plants or pharmaceutical factories. Sewage and wastewater is major reason why there are diseases and infections such as E.coli and, Hepatitis A in the world today.

Canada has made progress with dealing with water pollution by initiating laws and regulations. The Canadian Environmental Protection Act, which controls the manufacture, use and disposal of toxic materials, controls the removal of waste at sea, phosphorous contamination, and wood chips. The Canada Shipping Act forbids releases of certain toxins, particularly oil, by ships operating in Canadian. All provinces have passed legislation maintaining water pollution.

Air pollution in Canada is very serious because most times you are unable…
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