A Brief Note On The City Of London

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Exploring an Interdisciplinary Approach to Redeveloping the City of London, England This research report compiles studies from various disciplines regarding culture, social and economic concerns, the built environment, and the impact of urbanization in a growing city: London, England. The purpose of this report is to express the positive outcome that can occur when ethically redeveloping “urban brownfields” or derelict real estate by taking public policy, risk assessment, funding, historical knowledge, and cultural sensitivity into account over the course of the project. With the recent credit crunch due to loan defaults, the property market has suffered severely in its ability to provide affordable housing. International investors have invaded the property development scene in London to take advantage of available land and are causing forceful demographic changes by attracting buyers with more spending ability than local Londoners. This in turn will cause friction in the relationship that London’s society has with its built environment. Throughout this report, I will explain how culture is effected when society’s relationship with its surrounding environment changes and how ethical urban regeneration can stay true to the culture, whilst having a beneficial impact on social welfare. In order to have this effect, project managers must assess finance methods for development, current demographics, urban heritage, contamination levels, externalities, and cultural ecology
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